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Some Things About Healthy Home

August 30th, 2010 No comments

We surely want to have heaSome Things About Healthy Home photolthy home. As we know, healthy home can be a main cause for the healthy life. With healthy home, a family can be healthy. For making healthy home, there are many things which have to be prepared. The first thing is ventilation. This thing is very important. With this thing, we can get a good air circulation to inside and outside of our house. Besides that, good ventilation also can give good light when the day comes. The second is garden. Oxygen can be made from the garden, moreover the garden which has many plants. We can also add some little fountains for our garden. It can make a peace sensation for our home. If we can make a garden which has good appearances and good plants, we will get many benefits such as good air circulation. The third is we can add also wood floors. These things can appear some natural sensations inside the home. We surely ever see many houses with wood floors. It is so natural, isn’t it? We can try to apply it to our house.

The reason why we have to do those things is we surely want to have healthy house for our family. We surely understand well about the function of the house. If we have a bad appearance house, we surely don’t want to live there. That is the fact. The other fact is the families which have bad or unhealthy house surely have bad health too. It is caused by the condition. Because the condition is bad, it also influences the condition of the family member. For the long time, that is surely bad, especially for the children. Their development may be disturbed by those unhealthy things. It is possible if we see the condition nowadays. The children not only get unhealthy condition inside their house but also outside of their house.

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The Differences Between Children Nowadays with Children in The Past

August 13th, 2010 No comments

Nowadays, the childreThe Differences Between Children Nowadays with Children in The Past photon are not same again with the children in the past. Many children nowadays have very bad habit, moreover in their eating habit and their lifestyle. In the past, many children were very healthy, because there were no other foods beside healthy foods. That habit also supported the lifestyle of those children. They had good development body, very smart, and diligent. This condition is very contrast to the children nowadays. They just like eating the unhealthy foods such as fast foods or junk foods. They think that those foods are very delicious, whereas those foods are not good for their development. That bad habit also influences the lifestyle. If the children in the past get good influence from their foods, the children nowadays get the contrary. Those foods make them lazy. Because those foods have unbalance nutrition or we can say “lack of nutrition”, those foods cause many children get overweight or even obesity. That condition also forces the children to keep silent and less moving. That condition becomes worse when the games are created.

If we see in the past, we will find the big differences. Because there were no video games or the others, the children liked playing on the outside of their house. They interacted with their friends, kept moving, and produced more sweat. Those things made them healthy and also far away from the weird diseases. If the children nowadays can do what the children did in the past, the condition will be different. Maybe, the obesity will be gone. In this case, the role of the parents is very big. The parents have to point the children to the right way. It means that the parents have to really teach about healthy life and also they have to monitor their children activities, especially about what they eat.

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The Wonderful Bali Island

July 25th, 2010 No comments

Bali is one of many tourism destinations in Indonesia which is very famous. As we know, that Bali has a lot of interesting tourism objects such as culture tourism objects, extreme tourism objects, and many others. Every year, there are a lot of local tourists or tourists from abroad which visit Bali. If we access the internet, we will find a lot about Bali. There are many sites in the internet which provide information about Bali. With that information, we can geThe Wonderful Bali Island photot many things about Bali.

Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world which is located in Indonesia. This island is located near the Java Island and Nusa Tenggara. From many years ago, Bali has become the most famous tourism destination in Indonesia. With beautiful beaches, unique cultures, and warmness of the people there, Bali has been visited by a million people every year. Some of tourism objects in the Bali which are often visited by the tourists are the beaches. Many beaches, such as Kuta, Sanur, Lovina, and many other beaches provide a new experience of spending holiday in a beach. It is also supported by the tropical condition in this island. Many people from Europe or U. S spend their holiday time to feel the sun of Bali which can make their skins become darker.

Besides that, Bali also offers the unique cultures from the Balinese. If we visit Bali, we can visit many shows of cultural dances such as Kecak or Bali dances. With the mystical sense, many people around the world like watching those dance. The famous of Bali can be seen in words. We have to visit and enjoy the Bali Island once minimally during our whole life. If we don’t do that, our whole life won’t be completed. Those words show how famous Bali Island is.

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