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The History of Tattooing

The History of Tattooing  photoThe skin is permanently decorated with symbols or pictures a common practice worldwide. People of all ages and all continents be tattooed. Yet we could be for religious, initiating, ornamental or therapeutic tattoos. The tattoo history begins in the Neolithic period in Eurasia. “Iceman” of the glacier ice preserved hunters from around 3300 BC, 57 tattoos wore on his body: a cross on the inside of the left knee, six 15 cm long, straight lines in the kidney area, and many small, parallel lines in the lumbar, leg and joint area. This is most likely therapeutic tattoos for the treatment of arthritis.

The oldest tradition of tattooing is the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan. It is believed that tattoos are more than 10,000 years of culture. In the Tarim Basin in western China recently, the mummies of several warriors were discovered in the European type, bearing the tattoos, and more than 2000 years old. In the pre-Christian Germanic and Celtic cultures and in other northern European tribes were common tattoos, it is certainly told in many traditional reports. Julius Caesar described the tattooed warriors of the Gauls in detail in the fifth book of the Gallic wars. The Pictures were known for their tattooed and covered with ornamental scars skin. They used mainly blue tones, which they obtained from Woad, and copper. And some Scandinavian nations were tattooed, like the Arab diplomat, Ahmad bin Fadlan described after a meeting with them in the 10th century AD.

Even with some religious groups in the Mediterranean countries in ancient times tattoos were common. In general, there were in ancient Greece but the slaves who were tattooed.

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