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Plant Diseases Also Affect the Bonsai Garden

Pests and plant diseases; it does not matter whether they are infected one from the perspective of Japanese fans, “normal” tree or a bonsai garden. These are the little works of art in the gardens, which were often created by their owners in their painstaking efforts, known as a very sensitive and because of their “delicacy” is also a very easy victim in terms of plant diseases. The amateur No matter how careful he will find one day, certainly the same disease in his garden, bonsai, as in all his other horticultural crops.

Plant Diseases Also Affect the Bonsai Garden photoIn particular, a plant disease that can complicate the maintenance and care of a bonsai garden in particular, is the powdery mildew. Also at the garden bonsai can die of powdery mildew, the leaves. This is “on the collar”, the amateur gardener with a funding from the garden center.

A common disease that can infect a bonsai garden, the stem rots. This is a disease caused by bacteria and fungi. This nest is in the stems at a bonsai garden. They color the stems in the interior dark. Once infected with the stem rots, the Bonsai “sentenced to death”. And the root rot is usually only detected when it is already almost too late. At the root rot that infect roots can absorb nutrients no more. The amateur usually comes behind it, because the soil begins to foul and musty smell. Among the initial measures, which the amateur should take to save the garden bonsai is the removal of infected roots. In addition, even the old soil to be removed. Bonsai Garden is to save then if it is something immediately cut back.

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